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South Africa


South Africa Payroll Services

If you employ staff in South Africa, you will need to run a South African Payroll. Our Payroll Services in South Africa are extremely comprehensive. We cover the following:

  • Take on of new employees.
  • Setup of payroll calculation codes.
  • Capture monthly payroll changes.
  • Calculate all deductions, allowances and company contributions.
  • Pay employees, medical scheme, pension/ provident fund administrators and garnishee orders.
  • Data integrity audits.
  • Off-site data backup.
  • Thorough security measures taken when transferring clients’ funds.
  • Reconciliations of all payments.
  • Submission of monthly PAYE, UIF, SDL Returns.
  • Retention of staff leave history and balances (with leave liability calculation).
  • General Ledger Journal generation.
  • Reconciliation of payroll to IRP5s/IT3(a)s.
  • Generation of IRP5s and IT3(a)s in the prescribed format.
  • Generation of payslip in method of choice – paper or electronic.
  • Monthly report packs in printed or electronic format, including variance reports.


Our South African Payroll System can also provide E-Payslips and Employee Self Service as well as online Leave tracking, and other HR functions such as claiming Skills Development Grants and Equity reporting.


Please contact us for an accurate South African Payroll Quote.