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German Payroll Services | Lohnabrechnen

If you are an employer based in Germany, or if you employ staff who are, you will need to make sure you comply with German Payroll Laws.

The German Payroll Service offered by APS Global is fully-compliant with German legislation. If you are a new employer, our set-up procedure includes assistance in registering with the German authorities, and our standard German payroll service includes the following:

  • Monthly Payroll Tasks
    • Setting up your company information
    • Setting up your employees (with cost centres if required)
    • Registration of New Starters/De-registration of leavers
    • Inclusion of company pension schemes
    • Recording employees wgaes details (with cost centres if required)
    • Calculation of Net Wages
    • Production of Payslips
    • Preparation of the Payroll Reports
    • E-Submission and printing of tax notifications (Lohnsteueranmeldungen)
    • E-Submission and printing of the SV evidence review (SV-Beitragsnachweise)
    • Preparation of the SV-References (SV-Einzelnachweise)
    • Preparation of reimbursement claims for Sickness and Maternity
    • Preparation of a Nominal Journal (and if required a nominal interface)
    • Producing all payment documents (including if required a payment file for sending to your bank)
  • Annual Payroll Tasks
    • Producing Income Tax Certificates (Lohnsteuerbescheingung)
    • Producing the annual Social Security reports
    • End of Year report pack.

To set up the payroll we can send you either forms, spreadsheets or an Access Database for you to enter all details on, or if your payroll software is compatible with the ones we use, we may be able to just take a backup of your system and import the details that way.

As our quotes are no-obligation, it will cost you nothing to see if you can save money on your existing provider. Please contact us for a quote.