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Data protection and security

As a Payroll Services Provider, we are bound by the data protection act and are registered with the Information Commissioner as a data handler. We are also registered with HMRC under the Money Laundering Regulations.

Giving you confidence

All payroll information is stored on password protected computers, using password protected software. All data is backed up offsite onto a secure server, in case of data corruption.

Planning for problems

Because of the way we back data up you can be certain that in the unlikely event we get a virus that wipes our server, we can retrieve the information in a matter of hours and continue running your payrolls.

There are many reasons for a company to outsource their payroll. It may be due to an internal lack of skills or knowledge, a need for cost savings, added security in that all the payroll data is stored securely offsite, lack of time, or to free up resources for more important areas in your business. 

The key factors to consider when outsourcing your payroll include:

  • Do you have the resources to run the payroll effectively? Are they better employed elsewhere.
  • Can you implement legislation changes correctly and with short notice?
  • If your business needs changed overnight, could your payroll processes cope?
  • How much does it cost to run your payroll in house? Have you taken everything into account, including software license fees, support fees and renewals, management of updates, wage change tracking, PAYE payments, specialist stationery, staff costs.
  • How is payroll covered for times of sickness, holiday, maternity or paternity leave?
  • How do existing staff keep up to date with changes to payroll legislation?

APS Global processes payroll for many different business sectors, and so can use more efficient practices developed in conjunction with other companies to ensure you are always receiving the best level of service. We ensure your receive a secure, efficient and cost-effective service without compromising on in-house flexibility.

We typically result in cost savings and a change from days of time for a member of staff to just a few minutes per pay period of communicating changes to us for processing.

All changes to legislation are fully tested on our systems prior to implementation, and all staff are fully trained so that we can answer any questions you may have.

About Us

APS Global is a company dedicated to providing both payroll services to employers in the UK and around the world. Many companies are now discovering that the time consuming task of the payroll is becoming increasingly difficult, in part thanks to the ever changing legislation that has to be implemented. Our Payroll Services can relieve you of this complex burden, allowing you to save time and money to add additional value to your business.