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About Us

APS Global is a company dedicated to providing both payroll services to employers in the UK and around the world. Many companies are now discovering that the time consuming task of the payroll is becoming increasingly difficult, in part thanks to the ever changing legislation that has to be implemented. Our Payroll Services can relieve you of this complex burden, allowing you to save time and money to add additional value to your business.

Your honest business partner

APS Global can handle virtually all payrolls, regardless of frequency or size. However, if something you request cannot be done or would conflict with legislation, we will tell you openly. Our main value is honesty. In Payroll, honesty and trust are paramount - if you cannot trust us to be honest, why would you trust us to run your payroll?

Suitable for your business

Our Basic Bureau Payroll Service and Fully Managed Payroll Service are applicable for most businesses; whether you have a complex shift pattern, custom bonus or sickness scheme, as a UK Payroll provider, we will tailor a solution for you. We also provide specialist payroll solutions for a variety of sectors, such as Payroll Services for Schools and Academies and Payroll Services for GP Practices. If you are a Multinational Business with a distributed workforce and are looking to find a UK Payroll Bureau to administer your outsourced payroll function, look no further. We can assist you in managing your International Payroll Services, no matter how many countries you operate in.

Benefits of outsourcing

Managed payroll services by APS Global allow your organisation to focus on core business with the peace of mind that your payroll is being processed correctly and within remits of current legislation.
The benefits of outsourcing payroll to APS Global include:
  • Remove the need for contingency payroll cover
  • Reduce costs associated with internal payroll IT systems
  • Sensitive payroll data is kept securely and is covered by a disaster recovery plan
  • Ensure compliance with changing legislation and remove risk of fines
  • Backup knowledge from out payroll professionals who are available to you both as a dedicated account manager and a full team 
  • Reduced risk of breaks in continuity of service