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Auto-Enrolment fronted by 'Workie'

An advertising campaign featuring ‘Workie’, a character designed to embody the workplace pension, has been launched to raise awareness about auto-enrolment.

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Workplace Pensions and Auto-Enrolment


All organisations are obliged to provide company pensions for their employees.  APS Global can take on this complex role and integrate it into our payroll offering for you.


 Initial Auto-Enrolment Set-up

A number of steps are involved in the initial setup of auto-enrolment:

  • Being nominated as a contact with The Pensions Regulator
  • Assisting with selecting a pension provider and setting up the pension scheme with the provider with minimum client intervention
  • Assisting with postponement assessments
  • Submitting your formal Declaration of Compliance with The Pensions Regulator by the due date

The cost for this initial stage will be: £50.00 per scheme (you may require more than one scheme – we can go over the options and regulations with you)

Workforce Assessment

Part of the Auto-Enrolment process includes a categorisation of workers under your company’s automatic enrolment requirements. This includes a view on the following:

  • Eligible jobholders who must be automatically enrolled into a qualifying scheme
  • Non-eligible jobholders who have the right to opt into a qualifying scheme
  • Entitled workers who can join a pension scheme
  • Workers who are exempt from assessment (such as Directors without an employment contract, employees posted overseas etc.)


Costs: We can save your time and reduce costs and assess your workforce ourselves in our payroll system or, if you choose to use an intermediary or to fulfil the duties yourself, we can provide the data you would need.

  • APS Global conducted Assessment of workforce: £50.00 + £1.00 per employee
  • Provision of Unassessed Data in a generic format: £100.00
  • Provision of Unassessed Data in a specified format: from £100.00 (the exact price will depend on the specific format and template requirements)


Pension Provider Setup

Once the workforce assessment has taken place you are ready to go live with one or more pension providers. We can provide you with information on some of the more requested options if you wish so you can make the right choice for your organisation.

Cost: There is no cost for this if you choose one of the available suite of most-requested pension provider templates such as NEST, People’s Pension, NOW Pensions etc. If you choice is not in our current suite there is a small one-off charge of £50.00 to create the necessary template.


Monthly/Weekly Auto-Enrolment Service

We provide a number of activities on a monthly/weekly basis to ensure the smooth running of your Auto-Enrolment Pension scheme(s).

  • Monitoring and auto enrolling employees who become eligible due to earnings, age etc.
  • Processing opt in and opt out requests
  • Processing refunds where due
  • Providing and handling all communications with your pensions provider / The Pensions Regulator where necessary
  • Submitting new joiners and leavers and uploading the weekly/monthly contribution schedules. 
  • If you have elected to pay the pension contributions by Direct Debit, we will also process the DD instruction for you

Cost: The cost for the monthly/weekly assessment is £3.50 per pay-run, plus £0.50p per employee live on PAYE scheme


Pension Company Submissions

Most pension providers include an online middleware method of communication to facilitate submissions and other changes.

There is no cost for this service for most choices of Pension Companies. If your choice of Pension Company does not give you a middleware product to manage communications then we charge £0.50p per letter sent, plus postage. However, should you be able to provide all of your employees’ email addresses, we will conduct all communications via email and therefore you will not have to pay the postage fee portion.

Contact us for a quote.

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