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Europe, Middle East and Africa

EMEA Payrolls are some of the most complex in the world. Sourcing the right providers, knowing which questions to ask and providing the right answers to their questions can be a headache most companies.


Network of providers

Our network of Europe, Middle East and Africa Payroll Providers covers the vast majority of EMEA with new jurisdictions being added as they are required.

Local Payroll Experts

We only use experts in processing payroll in their respective countries and do all the groundwork for you to make sure that your payroll is set-up with the minimum disruption. We have included dedicated pages to some of the countries we can cover with more information about the services provided, but a non-exhaustive list appears below. If you have requirements in any countries not listed, please get in touch.


Some of the countries covered by our EMEA Payroll Services


Austria Portugal Egypt
Belgium Romania Gambia
Bulgaria Russia Ghana
Croatia Slovakia Kenya
Cyprus Slovenia Lesotho
Czech Republic Spain Libya
Denmark Sweden Madagascar
Estonia Switzerland Malawi
Finland Turkey Mauritius
France   Morocco
Germany Bahrain Namibia
Gibraltar Israel Nigeria
Greece Kuwait Senegal
Guernsey United Arab Emirates Seychelles
Ireland   Sierra Leone
Isle of Man Algeria South Africa
Italy Angola Sudan
Italy Botswana Swaziland
Jersey Cameroon Tanzania
Luxembourg Congo Tunisia
Malta D. R. Congo Uganda
Netherlands Côte d'Ivoire Zambia
Norway   Zimbabwe